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Mr Elumalai, Tamilnadu

Over 28 years I am a business partner of SABKO and the quality has always moved in one direction, upwards. I do not like my customers complaining and SABKO fully understands this, thus have not allowed one single piece with any type of manufacturing defects. Their business policy has helped me always, in terms of the support, technical education and after sales service to customer they are the best and thus people have now benchmarked SABKO for quality.


Arvind Ji, Uttar Pradesh

My small shop has transformed into a big machinery mart and all this has been possible because of the continued support I have received from the SABKO. They deliver what they promise and promises are always kept. I have done a mistake by trying out other suppliers who care only about making quick money and not their customers. The transportation of the consignment is also arranged by SABKO and always the best rates are charged by transport companies. Other manufacturers/dealers do not leave any opportunity to cheat their customers. SABKO is the only name me and my customers trust.


Motiramji Jain, Haryana

The name SABKO have been so well accepted in the state that customers not only buy but also recommend and endorse the brand to others. SABKO products are the only one that have been trouble free and I enjoy making the sale. My customers are also satisfied because they are getting the full return of what they are spending.


Jan De Oscar, Belgium

I imported the mill of SABKO first, about 15 years back and the mill has been perfect in all terms. The production is more that what is promised, the power consumption is less and it's a zero maintenance product that I endorse everywhere. The local European makes are more expensive but still cannot match the interior and exteriors quality of SABKO. I have again ordered 5 more units of SABKO mills very recently and am glad to do that.


Matthew Munt, Oregan, USA

I like to grind my own wheat and cereals for my farm. The SABKO mills have been by far been the most efficient of all the brands I have tried. I was a bit washy about trying out a non european brand but SABKO has proved me wrong. They are much better and less expensive than the Europeans. The mechanism is simple and customer support is excellent.

Carmenmarie Ramos- Cleveland-OH, USA

I personally would like to thank you for your follow-up and also for the quick turnaround on the import shipment.

Actually, you would have heard if there had been a problem - please accept my apologies for not thanking you sooner.

Best regards,

Carmenmarie Ramos- Cleveland-OH, USA Dec. 2006

Patricio Herrera- Quito,Ecuador-January 2006

I have to tell you that we have a business relation with Sabko company for about 3 years the products that we buy are stone mills, stones and grass cutting machines the quality has been very good and plenty satisfaction from my clients until know we had no problems with all this machinery. About the payments we never had problems we usually pay in advance T/T wire transfer also Sabko is very Sirius with time deliver of the goods packing and good relation with my forwards and inspection companies.

Zaakir Ebrahim- Capetown-S. Africa-October 2006

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Dear Sabko
i trust you are well. we purchased a vertical grinding mill from yourselves last year,
i want to order 2 more of these. please send me your favourable pricing.
Zaakir Ebrahim