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Vishwakarma Metal Tech, Jaipur, Rajasthan

SABKO has by far been the most choosy of all our buyers in terms of the quality they buy and even a slightest blowhole in the CI casting is rejected by SABKO as they never compromise in quality. The quality conscious nature of SABKO is evident from the fact that rejected material of SABKO is acceptable to the other manufacturers as all others care about cheaper products and not quality.

Shri Iron Stores, Ajmer, Rajasthan

SABKO people have been one of the best of my customers. They pay full price and demand the best quality. We have had a drastic upgradation in the quality of hardware goods we supply after coming in touch with SABKO. The payment and personal relations of SABKO people have no match in the whole industry.


Ess Pee Industries, Ludhiana, Punjab

For over 3 decades I have been supplying hardware goods to the SABKO and in all this time I have not had one single bad experience in terms of payment or the quality. SABKO demands only the best and pays for it. I have learnt a lot about quality from SABKO and they have always been the innovator and the leader.

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Ram Swaroop Soti and Company, Delhi

The best part about dealing with SABKO is that one gets to explore the better part of the market. People who not just demand for the best quality but also pay for it and thus always keep their vendors happy. Over 30 years ago when I came in touch with SABKO people they taught me what wonders quality can do for a company in the long haul. Most people in the business need to learn that even now. They have pestered me so much in the past that now I cannot even think of sub standard quality products.