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We Manufacture and Design all type of Gantry Cranes according to customer requirements and needs

Features Available
One side Overhang type
Span 3.0 Mtr. to 10 Mtr.
Economical worm reduction Gear-Boxes in C.T. & L.T.
Capacity 500 Kg. to 50 Tons.
Class II outdoor duty as per IS 8042
Soft starts-Soft step C.T. & L.T.
Over reverse wound protection of wire rope dream.
Graded Couplings.
8 Falls centrally balanced Heavy duty tested Hook Assembly with the Bearing.
8 Way remote Push Button Station Protection to avoid failure of Electrical Contactor.



GANTRY CRANE (Over Hang Type)

We Manufacture and Design all kind of Gantry Cranes according to requirement and as per Customers Needs

GC/ OH 60 A
12 Mtr
3 Mtr
25 Ton
GC/ OH 60 B
13 Mtr
3.5 Mtr
30 Ton
GC/ OH 80 A
15 Mtr
3.5 Mtr
30 Ton
GC/ OH 80 B
15 Mtr
4 Mtr
30 Ton
GC/ OH 100
23 Mtr
4 Mtr
50 Ton

Special Features
Class II outdoor duty and as per IS 8042
Economical Worm-Reduction Gear Boxes on C.T. & L.T.
Soft Start-soft stop speed control system on C.T. & L.T.
3 Speed Auto change over system for longer longitudinal Traveling
Multi activity and Dual capacity machine
Aero speed lifting for special requirements
Hardened tempered gear boxes
8 falls centrally balanced hook
C.T. & L.T. both axis are over travels protection.
Wire rope drum over wound and reverse wound protected.
Easy revolved thus bearing fitted heavy duty tested hook.
Geared coupling
Hydraulic thruster brakes
8 Way Push Button station, Protection against failure of Electrical Contractor.